Organic Fertilisers

We offer a new range of organic fertilizers to our customers and is now for sale at Dangan House Garden Centre.  For more information regarding pricing and product information please contact us at the Garden Centre


Neudorff: Organic Lawn Feed and Improver

  • Organic compound fertiliser NPK 10-3-5 made with animal by-products, fermented vegetation residues, organic materials and living microorganisms
  • For a thick and green lawn that suppresses moss and weeds
  • Fast acting and long lasting fertiliser
  • With MyccoVital® (Mycorrhiza) to promote strong roots and plants
  • With soil improving microorganisms
  • Improves soil condition
  • Contains nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and Mycco Vital, for improved resistance against drought and frost
  • Granulated for use with fertiliser spreadersUse the fertiliser from March to June, additionally in September/Oktober

Neudorff: Organic Tomato and Vegetable Food 

  • Organic compound fertiliser NPK 7-3-10 made from animal by-products, fermented vegetation residues, organic materials, and living microorganisms
  • Made from natural raw materials
  • High potassium content to improve the taste of fruit and vegetables
  • With natural long term effect
  • Promotes formation of humus
  • With MyccoVital® (Mycorrhiza) for strong and healthy plant growth
  • With soil improving microorganisms
  • Use between June and August
  • For tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, courgettes and pumpkins

Neudorff: Organic Tomato Feed

  • Organic liquid compound fertiliser NPK 3-1-5 derived from organic products and the natural fermentation by-product of processing sugar beet with outstanding fertiliser properties (100 % sugar beet vinasse)
  • Child and pet safe
  • Nutrient combination with emphasis on potassium for healthy, tasty tomatoes
  • Can also be used for seramis cultures
  • Attention: Not suitable for hydro cultures
  • Use from June to August
  • Makes up to 100 L of feed

Organic CleanLawn

3 in 1 Organic fertiliser derived from natural raw materials – fertilises the lawn, improves the soil and has an indirect action against moss.

  • Organic CleanLawncleanlawn
  • Organic compound fertiliser 9-3-5
  • For a thick and natural green lawn which supresses moss and weeds
  • With Mycorrhiza fungi for strong roots and improved resistance against drought and frost
  • With soil revitalising microorganisms
  • No scarifying necessary.
  • Fast acting and continues to feed for up to 100 days
  • Also suitable for newly laid lawns
  • Granulated and easy to spread by hand or with a lawn spreader


  • Scatter 50-100 g/m2, 2-3 times a year by hand or with a fertiliser spreader
  • 20 kg covers up to 400 sqm

Packaging: 20 kg bag


Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer

Control slugs and snails reliably – and environmentally friendly!

  • Slugs and snails can cause an awful lot of damage in the garden. With Neudorff’s
    Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer* they can be effectively controlled without harming the environment. The pellets are rain resistant and swell when damp to make them even more attractive to slugs and snails. They are biodegradable and unconsumed pellets convert into iron and phosphate in the soil, delivering added nutrients to the plants.
    Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer
    Active ingredient content 10 g/kg Iron-III phosphate
    Effectively controls slugs and snails on all types of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants
    Active ingredient is an iron compound like occuring in nature
    Doesn’t leave visible dead snailsslugkiller
    Snails do not produce mucus and decompose
    Certified for organic use
    Extremely resistant to rain due to innovative bait technology

    Suitable for use in gardens and on allotments

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