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Dedicated to providing gardeners, hobby greenhouse growers and indoor plant enthusiasts with the very best in environmentally responsible gardening supplies for spring, summer, fall, and winter. You’ll find useful plant and gardening information, as well as organic fertilizers and soil conditioners; elemental fertilizers and plant foods; plant pest and disease controls; seed starting and propagation supplies; greenhouses, soilless potting mixes, soils and soil amendments; hobby greenhouses; greenhouse and nursery supplies; nursery pots and containers, watering and drip irrigation products; gardening gifts and lots of other fun gardening toys.

Chicken Coops and Chicken feed

If you were thinking of keeping your own hens please feel free to come and vist us for advice. We supply a complete range of hen houses and chicken coops, runs, nest boxes and accessories to make keeping hens in your own garden fun & easy. They come in a range of differrent sizes to accommodate various back gardens and alow you to keep one or two hens or the bigger coops allow you to keep up to six hens comfortably.
We supply layers pelletts, traditonal hen feed as well as drinkers and feeders.

Rainwater Harvesting

The model shown is the 210 Ltr Water Butt. It also comes in a 100 Ltr size.

Water is a lot scarcer than we think. It just make sense to save water.  With the introduction of water meters in the next few years and its worth looking at ways to do that. At The Garden Centre we have water butts for sale which can be used to gather water from a down-pipe using a linkage Kit.

The Mini Rain-saver Water Butt allows for the collection of rainwater from roofs and downpipes.  The rainwater can then be used for watering plants and shrubs in your garden. It is manufactured from recycled plastic. The garden water butt is ideal for small gardens and yards.
The 210 lt water butt comes with a childproof lid.  The linkage kit is additional.


Composting is easy. Most of the work is done by nature.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about composting, but aren’t sure how to start. Or perhaps you heard compost piles are smelly, or attract bugs and mice.  Here are some good reasons to think about giving it a go:

  • Composting is easy.  Most of the work is done by nature
  • Composting is Cheap. Your raw materials is organic wastes
  • Composting provides your garden with nutrients, improve drainage and soil structure

At The Garden Centre we have various types of compost bins available to make composting a lot easier.  If you want to know more about composting  please click on this link to read more

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